“Please know that in my three-year experience of working with LOGIXtech as a National Practice Leader for PeopleSoft ERP Consulting at Unisys I was pleased with the personal service and support I was given and the quality of candidates that LOGIX presented.

Normal requests, those that required reasonable timeframes and popular skills, were always completed when needed and with multiple candidates. As we all know, business today is usually not normal. Niv and her staff outdid themselves in cases where the requirement was for an arcane skill with a difficult experiential background and a demanding base rate. I was consistently impressed by how well the LOGIX team worked under pressure, how comprehensively they understood all of the requirements of my request and the attention they gave to being sensitive to my expense concerns.

The LOGIX team always acted as a true partner to my staffing needs. On many occasions I asked that they identify recruits based on the contingency of winning new business. In numerous cases, LOGIX did all of their work only to find that we didn’t win the particular opportunity. To their credit, I never felt pressured in those instances nor did they approach the next opportunity with any less enthusiasm. To sum up, I was never unhappy with the service I received from Niv and the LOGIX staff. I used them on a great many searches and found that their staffing recommendations and rates exceeded my expectations. I would happily recommend LOGIXtech to any firm that is looking to fill ERP or technology skill set jobs with quality staff at reasonable rates.”